Saturday, December 7, 2013

It's Alive

Chris sent Zippy and I an email a few days ago. the OblongSpheroid domain is/was up for renewal and he was curious if we wanted to keep on. The last two years we've had a total of 15 blog posts, none since February.

Fair question.

Our fair answer was yes, of course. We have a lot of history here. And some day someone is really going to want to be called so why would we ever want to give that up?

I suppose though, to be a blog you ought to - you know - blog occasionally. I've noticed that most blogs go through the same lifecycle. A lot of passion followed by a period of less passionate effort simply to preserve the momentum, followed by tailing interest and inactivity. I've also seen the inevitable short-lived renaissances where the blogger will make great promises to resume blogging and maintain that pledge for a day or two.

The fact is, without the reward of feedback (or money) it is tough to believe that our words aren't merely vapor. I think it was an advantage for use to have three guys instead of one, because at least we were reading each others' posts and commenting. We have a couple of friends who follow the blog too and occasionally post. All of this could be accomplished via email, of course, and in the last couple of years that has been our main medium.

So here's a post. Going to keep the bar low, not promise a renaissance. Heck, won't even provide football content. Just a post about posting. A promise that the last post wasn't the last post and a further hope that this one isn't either.


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