Monday, May 25, 2009

TO: The Whirlwind

A tidbit from Peter King's MMQB I thought was pretty amusing:

In San Francisco, Jeff Garcia couldn't throw the ball deep enough and offensive coordinator Greg Knapp didn't appreciate Terrell Owens' talent. In Philadelphia, Owens wished Brett Favre and not Donovan McNabb was his quarterback, and he instructed coordinator Brad Childress not to speak to him anymore. And now, Owens has Tweeted some true feelings about the end of his time with the Cowboys, answering sentiment from a fan who was not happy to see T.O. leave Big D. The Twittered response from Owens: "Neither ws i, blame the OC & romo!! but i'm happy 2 b where i am but i miss the other guys tht were & r true teammates!!"

My response to that response: B afrd Trnt Edwrds and Trk Schnert. B vry afrd.

Owens likes the big arm QBs that toss it down-field, and can get him the ball all day every day. He's only happy when he's the center of the universe, and sometimes not even then.

So, Trent Edwards, eh? Oh, he of the 61.6% completion percentage and 10.9 yards per completion... Know who had a higher YPC than Edwards?

Jeff Garcia, when he was with San Fransisco...

And Donovan McNabb, always...

And Tony Romo, by a lot...

So let me get this straight. TO is on the offensive powerhouses of San Fran at the tail end of their dominance, the Eagles who go to Conference Championship games like kids taking a trip to the local pool, and the Cowboys who's offense has only been overshadowed by Tom Terrific Brady.

And now, he's going to Buffalo. Who has been 25th or worse offensively for the past six years. To play with a QB who is without question the worst of the four he'll have played with over the course of his career. And will probably lose their star RB to a suspension early in the year.

And we're expected to believe he's happy about this?

And that even if he is, that he'll stay that way?

As ... someone ... once said; get'cher popcorn ready!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Lane Kiffin is in the news, yet again, for saying something stupid. Go figure.

"Someone at the school was going to screw it up. The fax machine wouldn't work, or they would have changed the signatures - all the things that go on in Pahokee."


"For those of you who haven't been to Pahokee, there ain't much going on. You take that hour drive up from South Florida, there ain't a gas station that works. Nobody's got enough money to even have shoes or a shirt on."

Well, isn't that nice of him?

I used to think Al Davis was just a crazy old wind-bag that fired Kiffin unjustly; that Kiffin got a raw deal and didn't deserve the treatment he got. I still think Davis is a crazy old wind-bag, but I'm starting to think the back part of that statement is way on the wrong side of the two sides of the argument...


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another Storm Brewing in Dallas?

Deep in the underbelly of Sports Illustrated (read: their NFL front page) was buried a story on who is liable in the collapse of the Cowboys training facility. There are some interesting possibilities and generalizations, but nothing specific really regarding who actually is at fault in any of this.

Now, I'm hearing some discussions that it's possible the Cowboys may not have had proper or perhaps up-to-date permits for the facility, which could mean Jerry Jones may be open to some fairly significant lawsuits? Unfortunately I haven't seen this in print anywhere, just some discussion on sports talk radio, so no links.

Could make for an interesting situation...


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Brett Favre Won't Go Away

So in the seemingly neverending saga of "When will Brett retire for good," reports are now indicating that Favre will meet with Brad Childress. From the link:

Citing an anonymous source "with direct knowledge of the discussions between the two parties," ESPN reported Tuesday that Favre is scheduled to meet with Vikings coach Brad Childress later this week about a possible comeback with Minnesota.

Chalk me up as one of the many that is truly sick of this Drama Queen. Brett, buddy, you're either done or you're not. But at this point, most of us are simply sick of you, and if you actually expect anyone to believe it when you tell us you're hanging the laces up, you're out of your mind.

This has to hurt Packer nation. If I were a Packers fan, I'd be furious. Enough so that I might make a special trip down to Mississippi and pee on his lawn. One of the greatest quarterbacks of all time decides to play one final time for the mortal enemy? Even Favre giving it thought has to be insulting, and I find it hard to imagine it won't at least somewhat taint his legacy.

Anyway, the whole thing is really irritating, so that's all I'm gonna say on the subject.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bustwatch: Day 1

Looks like little Matty Stafford was a wee bit inaccurate.

At Day 1 of the Lions' rookie orientation Friday, Stafford, by my count, completed both of his throws in 11-on-11 work, 7-of-13 passes in 7-on-7 and was 10-of-16 in 1-on-1 passing drills. His first pass in warmups was a wobbly toss to special teams assistant Brad Banta, but by and large he was crisp with his throws and appeared to make the right reads and progressions.

“What happens, and it's Matthew and it's probably 90 percent of the guys out here, when you go through a first practice as a rookie you're so anxious to get get going and you're out of control and things like that,” Lions coach Jim Schwartz said. “Then all of a sudden later in practice you start settling down a little bit. I think we saw that with Matthew today, just chomping at the bit early, was wild with some throws, but then he started settling into a groove, started working together with some of the wide receivers, then all of a sudden you started seeing some better things later on in practice.”


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