Saturday, February 21, 2009

Combine Follies

Item: Andre Smith shows up late. Declines to work out because he is out of shape. This on top of his dealing with an agent that knocked him out of Alabama's bowl game. uhhh ... goodbye first round?

Item: The Incredible Shrinking Stafford. Matt Stafford measured in at 6' 2", and inch below his listed height. All of a sudden a questionable prospect just got a little more questionable.

Item: Tim Crabtree, The Injured Midget. Crabtree has also been visiting Stafford's pharmacy, measuring in at 6' 1.5", 1.5" less than his listed height. This probably is less significant than Stafford but his limited footspeed now becomes an increased concern. On top of that he has a foot stress fracture that is going to knock him out for ten weeks. Ten weeks puts him out of any workouts prior to the draft. He might have just slipped from top five to the second round.

Item: Another Shrinking Quarterback. Not to be outdone, the ultracompetitive Mark Sanchez also measured in an inch below his listed height at 6' 2". For sale: a short college quarterback with 16 total college starts. Price, $40M. Anyone? Bueller?


  1. I was planning on writing about this stuff tonight as well.

    Andre Smith is an idiot. I think he doesn't officially have an agent right that right? The guy better get representation fast, cause he seems like he's costing himself millions of dollars every day.

    I don't think Crabtree falls to the second round (if he's there at #26 and the Ravens don't take him, I might just kill myself). But I think Andre Smith is quickly becoming a guy that you almost can't take in the first round.

    I just don't get it with some of these guys. There's so much potential there it's ridiculous. This kid has literally pissed away millions of dollars in the past four days. Last year, Jake Long signed for 5 years, $57.75MM, $30MM guaranteed. Aqib Talib - the #20 pick - signed for 5 years, $14MM.

    How do these kids at the top of the draft not completely bust their asses and make sure they lock in these top picks? I really don't get it. One major question coming out about a guy's work ethic, they could fall five spots and cost themselves $10MM. If I could make $10MM by busting my ass for two months and get in the best shape of my life, or go out and party it up, there wouldn't even be a question...

    I don't get it...

  2. its mike crabtree not tim

  3. Add Maualuga to this list. He ran a terrible 40 time and injured himself doing so, and seems to be dropping like a rock.

    Jenkins also has reportedly run in the mid 4.5s and his stock is crashing as well.

    There could be some terrific blue-chip prospects that had poor combine performances on sale cheap in the back half of the first round. If either of those guys fall to the Ravens, I'd be screaming at the TV to pick them up...


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