Friday, March 26, 2010

More On The Meme

Will the Eagles really take the #40OA for Donovan McNabb? Really?

If Mike Holmgren isn't already on the phone to Howie Roseman he should be.

Sal Paolantonio with some comments.

The result: The music has stopped, the market has nearly dried up, head coach Andy Reid may have alienated his franchise quarterback by announcing that there's a "for sale" sign on McNabb, and with just a handful of teams in the mix and the draft a month away, time is running out.

After weeks of backroom discussions, no team has suggested more than a third-round pick for McNabb, league sources say. That's why a team source leaked to the Associated Press on Thursday night that the team will not accept anything less than a 42nd pick in the draft.
Crazy, crazy, crazy cheap price for a player who would add a couple of wins - or more - to two-thirds of the teams in the league.


  1. I think they would take Oak's pick, or that pick plus like a 7th.


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