Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Justin Forsett: Ferrari

iverson2169 wrote an insightful article at FieldGulls which ultimately compares Forsett to a Ferrari. I really don't know if it is accurate, he could have argued 'Winnebago' and I would be just about as clueless. Certainly a good read.

spoiler: McFadden is a Corvette.

The NFL is far more akin to an F1 circuit than a Nascar oval. The winding "lanes" created by an NFL offensive line, require the breaking and torque of a Ferrari, far more often than the straight line displacement of a Corvette. For a team running a West Coast Offense, the ability to get to the second and third tier consistently (even if not past it), is much more important than the ability to breakaway with top end horsepower "every once in awhile".

The analogies made above are apparent when watching the video. You simply won't see more functional "torque" out of a player than Forsett. From the backfield to the second level, there are very few NFL backs that can compete. This is why Forsett is so effective running the ball. Although his overall top speed is much slower than even many LB's (4.65 & 4.73), he gets to that top speed much faster than everyone else. This is functional speed. This is Football speed.


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