Sunday, June 19, 2011

Terrell Pryor Makes Dumb Decision

Stop The Presses!

Yeah, this topic is slightly dated but it's been on my mind and this is my first chance to discuss it. Terrell Pryor has rejected the idea of playing football in the Canadian Football League. Makes no sense, or at least it makes no sense to anyone who has a lick of sense. So that being the case, it makes perfect sense for Terrell Pryor.

Why Drew Rosenhaus agreed to hitch his fortunes to this nag I have no idea. I doubt that Rosenhaus Sports Representation is going to invest much in the way of resources in Pryor who seems doomed to fail utterly. I guess picking Rosenhaus could be chalked up to another Pryor mistake, as Pryor seems unlikely to listen to any kind of sound professional advice (such as 'why don't you go to the CFL for a couple of years' type of advice) that Rosenhaus might be able to provide. Pryor could have gone with a smaller, more desperate agent. On the other hand if Pryor is looking for a single payday then maybe Drew 'Willis McGahee is a first round pick with one working knee' Rosenhaus is a good choice. In terms of professional development this kind of seems like a(nother) disaster in the making.

So the CFL. It seems to me that league is perfect for Pryor to showcase his athleticism while developing the quarterbacking skills that eluded him at Ohio State. Right now he appears to be a great athlete masquerading at quarterback. His arm strength is pedestrian and decision making poor. In college teams learned that he could be handicapped by simply containing him and forcing him to make actual football plays rather than allowing him to escape the pocket and use his dual threats to beat opponents. He will get killed in the NFL with the latter philosophy and that will have to get trained out of him before he stands a prayer of succeeding at that level.

But anyhow, he seems to want to be a quarterback but does not seem to want to learn how. And since he has refused the developmental route he seems destined to be a guy who gets a couple of years at the back end of an NFL roster and then 5 years from now simply wondering who to blame.


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