Saturday, July 16, 2011

How to negotiate

How to Properly Negotiate When the Other Side Perceives You to be Weak
A memo by DeMaurice Smith

Step One - Set yourself up so that your weakness is covered
Step Two - Tell no one about it
Step Three - Wait until close to deadlines, allowing the other side to perceive you as weak
Step Four - Drop the bomb
Step Five - Win

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

cc: NBA players


  1. yea the players can somehow live on 200,000 a year. ROFL to say the owners havent won this deal is impossible. The players recently lost in court. The owners COULD have put their recent court decision to the players throat. They didnt. This 200,000 dollar story is really a non story.

  2. More than half the players in the league live on < $1MM per year. They were the big problems...easily could have fragmented the union. Most of the bigger money players have enough money socked away that they aren't going to crack. The low money players getting a payment like this shores up a majority of the players.


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