Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jerry Jones is a blowhard, and the Redskins are just sad

How wonderful is it that the Titans rookie punter AJ Trapasso hit the Cowboys new mega-scoreboard during the preseason game last night? The broadcasters were saying that punters were regularly doing that during pre-game warmups. Jeff Fisher co-chairs the competition committee; he said "Both of our punters hit the scoreboard, so something needs to be worked out."

But Jerry Jones says there's not a problem:

"If your desire is to punt the ball straight up and hard, I can do that," Jones said, according to the Dallas Morning News. "The height that we've got it wouldn't [affect] normal kicks unless somebody just wanted to hit it."
Jerry, you're being an idiot. Just because you don't like to spend attention or money on obtaining mere special teams players for your team, does not mean that punting for hang time is not "normal". If AJ friggin Trapasso can konk the scoreboard in a game, what do you think Mike Scifres would do? He'd probably knock the stupid thing down.

Going from the sublime to the pathetic: Redskins owner Danny Snyder spent the offseason publicly pursuing stars like Jay Cutler and Mark Sanchez to replace his quarterback, Jason Campbell. It's probably true that the Skins could really use a fast start from their offense this preseason, to build confidence and get on the same page etc.

So what do they get? They open the preseason against the Ravens and Steelers, the two best defenses in the NFL (or 2 of the top 3, or whatever). It would not be at all surprising if the Skins got shut out in their first two games. It might not even be meaningful.

Would be pretty funny, though.

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  1. Jerry Jones isn't going to care about what anyone else in the league says, he's going to have his scoreboard as long as he wants it.

    And he'll want it until it costs him a game. Then he'll complain about how the league didn't force him to change it and that it is their fault that the Cowboys aren't in the playoffs.


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