Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Adventures in liveblogging: Keeper League draft

I have the first of my two Very Important Fantasy Football Drafts tonight: my keeper league.

I'm going to make an attempt to liveblog it. Look for this post to update starting at 6pm central time.

UPDATE: The draft is now live!

10 teams, near-dynasty format. Can keep 9 players, and a 10th under certain rules.

My starting roster going into the draft:
QB Drew Brees
QB Brady Quinn
RB Steven Jackson
RB Frank Gore
RB Marion Barber
RB Ronnie Brown
RB Leon Washington
WR Terrell Owens
WR Wes Welker
WR Santana Moss

Currently resolving trades... bunch of activity, none of it involving me.

Odd first round... ended up taking Mark Sanchez. He'll go straight to my "practice squad" (won't use him at all this year but counts as my 10th keeper).

2nd round... picked 8th here due to previous trade. Took Chris Chambers--solid veteran WR that should help add depth.

3rd round... Davone Bess. I need some youth at WR.

4th round... Big run on TEs in this round. Wanted to get one of the last ones left with a pulse. Kellen Winslow is my pick at the end of round 4.

5th round... wanted the Vikings D, just missed. Went for Sidney Rice instead--I needed a Viking in there somewhere.

6th round... 3 defenses to start the round.... 8 teams now have a D. So, believe it or not, Eli Manning is still around. Don't need a 4th QB but too good to pass up here.

7th round... pool is getting thin. Decided to go with some insurance at TE, and take the other cocky U of Miami tight end, Jeremy Shockey.

8th round... grabbed Ricky Williams as the backup for Ronnie Brown.

9th round... Derrick Williams, WR Detroit. Going for a young WR.

10th round... Need a kicker, Robbie Gould is a kicker, ta-dah!

11th round... Need a defense, New England has a defense, ta-dah!

12th round... Final pick... RB Javon Ringer. Suggested to me by a guy I trust that is into the college game much more than I am.

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  1. Good luck live-blogging. It always seems like a better idea than it actually turns out to be when I try to do something like that. I wind up missing too much and I think it's key for me to be able to adjust to what's going on at all times.

    I wanna post a recap of my auction, but I feel like it would either be 100 pages long, or miss out on way too much of what was happening...


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