Friday, September 4, 2009

Memo to Offensive Coordinators: Hide

First came the news Chan Gailey was fired from the Chiefs, which was strange enough. Then came news the Bucs fired Jeff Jagodzinski, where two coordinator firings the week before the regular season is almost unheard of.

Now comes news the Bills have fired offensive coordinator Turk Schonert. I guess "they" always say these things come in threes...

This certainly seems to be a strange span for the NFL. But in the "what have you done for me lately" NFL, I suppose it's not all that shocking to see something like this happen.

Coaching hot-seats don't really have much of a time limit these days. Long gone are the days of multi-decade coaches, and right now Jeff Fisher is the most tenured NFL head coach, since 1994. Andy Reid is the second-most tenured with only a decade at the helm. These days, you can flip so fast that it's not overly surprising to see a young whipper-snapper hired off Bill Belichick's staff and less than 8 months later, the seat of his pants are getting warm.

Because owners and GMs are so willing to quickly flip through their rolodex to find new head coaches, it seems maybe head coaches are willing to do the same with their coordinators. Each of the three in this case may have very different motives...
- Haley is an offensive guru that may just be looking for his own thing rather than Gailey's.
- Some are high on Morris as a tough, young, smart HC candidate. But I know more than a few Tampa faithful that call him the "Head Clown" and as of now, he seems a tad bit in over his head.
- Jauron's on an extremely hot seat, and any sort of slow start could easily result in a mid-season firing. The K-Gun hasn't looked too sharp this pre-season, Jauron probably doesn't want to wait a couple weeks to find out if he still has a job.

So while this seems unprecidented, it also seems understandable that some coaches are reacting like this. And it wouldn't really shock me if we see more of this in the future.


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