Saturday, November 7, 2009


Tonight was the first chance I got to really see Cincinnati and Brian Kelly in action, and I wasn't disappointed.

It's clear from watching this team that it's excellently coached. The players are simply smart. Everything they do looks to me like the right move. And it goes beyond simply fundamentally sound football.

Brian Kelly is really an impressive coach. I can't imagine him not winning a National Championship at some time in the next decade or two, probably in Cinci. This team might get outplayed because of a lack of talent. But I find it difficult to think they'll ever be outcoached.

The play at the end of the half sort of epitomized this. Lined up for a FG with seconds left, but it wasn't 4th down. The holder - also their QB - bobbled the snap. Knowing he couldn't get it down clean, he quickly wheeled and threw a bullet out of bounds. It was intentional grounding, but they were basically at an xpt range anyway. Just smart.


  1. Okay, I can't believe you stole my thunder and posted about my boy Brian Kelly. I was totally gearing up to type about that team.

    No matter, I'm going to post about Cincinnati anyway.

  2. You're Brian Kelly's father??? Awesome!!!

    :-p Sorry, had to be said after all the "They're not MY team" you like to say...heh.

    And they deserve a double-post. They deserve a lot more attention than they're getting right now, that's for certain.


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