Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stover Stays Classy


"I have no bitterness," Stover said. "It's been a privilege for me to play for the Ravens for 13 years. I still love the Ravens. What was I doing before the Colts signed me? I was coming to the Ravens games."

His wife and kids still live in Baltimore while Stover commutes to Indianapolis. In fact, he remained behind in Baltimore on Sunday night and plans to return to Indianapolis on Tuesday.

Most NFL teams give their players Mondays off after victories – "Victory Monday," they call it. The Colts have won all five games since Stover joined them, so he has spent his last five Mondays at home in Baltimore.

"I don't want Baltimore to ever forget this – I'm part of this community and always will be," Stover said.


  1. Great guy.

    It's widely rumored that the moment Vinatieri gets back and Stover gets cut, the Ravens will re-sign him. No idea how much if any truth there is to that, but it's out there.

  2. Coaches seem to overvalue the last couple of spots on the roster. If you have a kicker who is going to make all his field goals but can't kick off any more (or make long field goals) then just go with two kickers. We see this occasionally happen but why it doesn't happen more just baffles me.

    I guarantee that Europe and Australia are full of guys who could blast the ball through the endzone just about every time. Most of them would be happy to kick a ball 4-5 times per week for a half million.

  3. I agree for the most part, but that wasn't really the issue with Stover. The big issue was that Stover has become completely unreliable from 40+. Not much of an issue for a Colts team consistently driving into the end zone. But for the Ravens who are regularly kicking 40+, it's a much bigger issue for Stover.

    I agree, and if Stover were still able to reliably kick from 45 yards, I'd want him back for sure and go grab someone that can blast it through the back of the end zone. But many people forget that the 44 yarder at the end of the Minnesota game simply wasn't a given for Stover to hit. Because of that, it's much more questionable whether the Ravens should essentially spend two roster spots on him.


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