Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bill Belichick's Library

If you go to the New England Patriot's official bio sketch of Bill Belichick, and scroll to the bottom, you will find this:

The Belichick Library
Coach Belichick is an avid collector of football-related books, and along with his late father, Steve, amassed a library of more than 800 volumes. The library is believed to be one of the largest collection of football books in the world, behind the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the Library of Congress. In 2006, Coach Belichick moved his entire library to the Naval Academy, where his father coached for 33 years. The books are housed in a display at Ricketts Hall in Annapolis for future generations of football players, coaches and fans to enjoy.
I find that kind of awesome, in a variety of ways. First of all the notion that this guy, perceived as the most cerebral coach of his generation, has what is believed to be one of the largest collections of football books in the world. How cool is that? Second, the way this collection started:
Armen: You have your own library. How did that evolve? Is that an extension of what your father had given you?
Bill: Yes, I'd say pretty much. When I would go traveling with my dad, or when we would travel as a family, we would usually go and stop by used book stores or Salvation Army or something like that and check out the older books.
As Keteyian writes, "a father and son bound by family, football, and books."

And then, that the collection is housed at the Naval Academy! How cool is that?
Belichick Book Collection To Be Preserved At The Naval Academy
"My father and I often discussed consolidating our collections and making them available for others to enjoy," Belichick said. "Because of our ties to the Naval Academy and the Annapolis area, they will now have a perfect new home."
Belichick actively maintains his connection to Navy football – I know that when Paul Johnson used to coach there, Belichick would come down for Spring practice to watch them install their triple option. He was in Annapolis just a week ago.

Don't be shocked if he winds up coaching there, say 10 yrs down the line.

Presumably Belichick's library contains stuff like this:
While his New England Patriots use their bye week to regroup from Sunday's incredible 38-13 loss to the Miami Dolphins, this might be the perfect occasion for Belichick to get away and center himself. On a shelf somewhere in Ricketts Hall he likely will find "Winning Single Wing Football: A Simplified Guide for the Football Coach," written by Dr. Ken Keuffel, who played for Princeton in the 1940s. At the top of the book's cover is a testimonial:
The principles of single-wing football are enduring, and they're all covered by Ken Keuffel. Every coach in football can profit by reading this book. -- Bill Belichick

Another piece on the donation:
Belichick gives dad's books to Naval Academy
(full text requires purchase)


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