Monday, February 1, 2010

Sean Payton steals a good idea

From Bill Walsh!

Payton keeps Saints jovial with bellhop stunt.

Do you remember Walsh doing exactly the same thing, the week of the Niners first Super Bowl appearance after the 1981 season? Well Sean Payton does:

"We're always wanting to steal a pretty good idea. I think Bill Walsh, a long time ago, had a pretty good idea, and we just kind of took it like one of his offensive plays and ran with it."
That's probably the least of the things coaches take from Walsh. His book on how to build a football organization has been out of print for for a decade, yet coaches will pay hundreds of dollars for a used copy. (I wonder how many copies are in Bill Belichick's library?)

Like fashion, yesterday's discarded sports idea is tomorrow's unstoppable new wrinkle.


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