Thursday, May 6, 2010

Impressive Raiders offseason

How the hell did they start acting rationally? A reasonable draft, with functional football players at the top of it. They waited until about the 4th round to make their usual size/speed reaches; and in the process got some good players. They hired a good offensive coordinator (Hue Jackson, late of the Ravens). They acquired a functional quarterback.

And now this:

Raiders release former No. 1 overall pick Russell

Did someone nail Al Davis's coffin shut the morning after the Super Bowl, and he's been scrabbling at the lid ever since?

They seemed to be a pretty strong squad last year, undone by horrendous play at the QB position (Under 6 yards/att, 10 TDs to 18 INTs). If they get mediocre play from their QB(s), they could be respectable.

What the hell is going on???


  1. I really liked the comment from the other place from the Pat's fan: 'can't the Raiders please suck for another year so we can get a good pick?'

    Looks like Oakland won that trade. Bizarre.

  2. I think there's a weird homoerotic subtext in the way certain coaches and owners fall in love with quarterbacks. Like they wish they could go back in time and take these guys to the senior prom.

  3. "Fall in love" is pretty apt. I think it's more a marriage of need; or a romance of need. Teams without a QB at the top of the draft start looking at that year's crop of available young men; and some strapping boy with a great arm catches their eye.

    Your description fits Billick & Boller pretty well.


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