Monday, July 19, 2010


Matt Hinton, writing on, brings us this:

Every so often, a mass underage drinking bust at a Notre Dame party turns up a handful of Irish football players and other athletes. Sometimes those athletes have famous last names. So the Indiana State Excise Police set their sights at the top of the genetic totem pole this morning, nabbing one Nate "Yes That Montana" Montana and seven teammates among a cast of dozens
Cops swept up a bunch of college-aged kids (about 45 of them) at an off-campus party in South Bend, and not just off-campus but school is out of session too; and more than two dozen of them were Notre Dame student-athletes, including 8 football players. One of the football players was Joe Montana's son Nate.

My first impulse about this is summed up by one of the commenters on the Rivals site, posting as "chereemcglade":
OMG!! College kids drinking, who has ever heard of such a terrible thing!
(That was only the second-best comment on the article, the best being from the guy who swears he thought Hannah Montana was one of Joe's kids.)

This is not something that needs to have any impact on Nate Montana's career, as far as I can see. The only reason I am posting this, and I mean the only reason, is so I can include the pic that accompanied the article:

OMG. Does he look like his dad under that helmet, or what? I got a chill when I saw that.

I would love for him to do well enough that he not only gets to start during his Notre Dame career, but also makes it to the NFL. It would be awesome to see a young Montana under center in the league again. (Hmm, Brian Kelly is now his coach.)

Not that I mean to add any extra pressure. Just getting a scholarship to play football at Notre Dame, and the chance to wear his dad's old number at the alma mater, is a terrific acomplishment. Good luck to the kid.

(By the way there's a younger brother Nick, who's going to be a freshman at Washington this upcoming season. Some of the reports I've seen on this are mixing up Nick and Nate.)

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  1. Maybe they can both transfer to UCF like the Jordans did....I wouldn't wish being Son of... on my worst enemy.


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