Monday, September 6, 2010

The BCS Bust Is On

Tonight, Boise State put on a clinic in the first quarter, and with a display of guts at the end of the game unlike anything we've seen from them since the last time they played a close game (which was unlike anything we've seen of them since the previous time before that...), they have begun the journey to break their way into the Championship game.

This was another classic, like I feel Boise St is just destined to give us every time they take the field vs. a major college program. A couple things jumped out at me from this game...

- Man, they just jumped all over a VaTech team that looked nowhere near prepared for the size of this game. In the first quarter, it looked almost like a pro team vs. a high school team.
- The Boise DL completely dominated the LoS for a lot of the game.
- Boise has some terrific play-makers. The blocked punt early was gigantic. The one-handed catch in the end zone. The TD run on third and one on such a critical drive in the second half to take some momentum back when it was all against them. Just a treat to watch.
- Kellen Moore is one cool customer. His game-winning drive was absolutely vintage. I don't know that he's got the arm to succeed in the pros, but he's almost certainly got the decision making and the poise to do so.

Going into a hostile environment masked as a neutral site and playing the way they did, they're making their case early for a shot at the National Championship. They have a tilt with Oregon St in two weeks, but they're poised to run the table. I'd love to see them do it, and get that shot.


  1. Um...on that late 'clutch' drive they got the benefit of an undeserved 15-yd PF flag according to most bloggers [and myself] - and another one that was picked up.

    And the lack of a DPI call on 4th down on the deep ball by VT was a pretty bad non-call.

    A classic game, agreed, but the headline should be 'Boise tries to choke VT game away, fails due to Moore's precision on final drive and questionnable referee calls, non-calls, and flags picked up.'

    The real question is, if they run the table & TCU runs the table, who would be ranked higher? Boise better whomp OrgSt by 20+ to make sure it's them...or the Horned Frogs [who play a tougher schedule and more ranked teams] WILL be the BCS buster.

  2. I didn't watch the entire game but I came away with this team ... does not deserve to compete for the national title. They just didn't look very good. Not awful, but like a team that would go 8-4 or 9-3 in a top conference, maybe 10-2 in the ACC or Big East. Alabama would murtilize them. So would Texas.

    It isn't personal. It just is.

  3. I don't think they'd even go 10-2 in the ACC. Keep OrgSt OOC.

    Replace VT neutral with VT true Road. Loss.
    say Miami away and FSU away.

    UNC, GaTech, Clemson home.

    That team we saw goes 9-3. They can't rest starters at the end of blowouts every week like they can now.

    8-4 in SEC.


  4. >>>Replace VT neutral with VT true Road. Loss.

    I don't know how you can say that. That wasn't a neutral field in any way other than that it wasn't the physical turf Tech normally plays on. Tech had nothing less than an 80/20 fan advantage, and in reality was probably closer to 90/10. And the field is driving distance for VaTech, almost the entire length of the country for Boise St. It was a neutral site in name only.

    Boise St has a great record against ranked teams the last few years and tends to play much tougher in big games. I'm not saying they go undefeated in most of the big conferences. But I also think you're WAY underestimating the talent on that team to think they'd have two or three losses in the major conferences and four in the SEC. One or two losses, sure. But most teams wind up with that by the end of the year.

    Also don't think that TCU goes over Boise. They don't have a marquee game. That's probably the difference, even if their overall schedule is a bit tougher than Boise's.


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