Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Tidbits

Realizing that I'm one of the guys that has access to and largely watches the 8-game channel Direct TV offers me, so most weeks on top of seeing game recaps I've actually seen most of the games themselves. As such, I'm going to try to write some random thoughts - some serious, some not - on each of the Sunday games. Weeks I miss will largely be due to weeks I'm attending Ravens games, and don't catch much action.

I'll also note to make sure you go below and read Patrick's and Jim's excellent posts from Sun/Mon on the Calvin Johnson no-catch and Ravens preview.

Texans 34 - Colts 24
Colts - Stuck trying to find a witty comment covering both Colts run D sucking and Bob Sanders getting injured for the 83rd time. Went the obvious route.
Texans - As Texans-nation began to panic about another Colts come-back, Arian Foster stepped up and said "My ball, stop me if you can." They couldn't.

Bears 19 - Lions 14
Lions - LOLWTF that was a catch amirite???
Bears - Leave it to the Bears to out-gain a team by 300 yards and require a ridiculously stupid call of a no-catch to actually win the game.

Giants 31 - Panthers 18
Panthers - Panther fans in disbelief, wondering how they'd cut Jake Delhomme and yet he was still starting for them.
Giants - Looks like their defense is back. And that Hakeem Nicks guy might be pretty good, too.

Titans 38 - Raiders 13
Raiders - Yep.
Titans - Chris Johnson thinks he'll go for 2,500 rushing yards this year, then is suddenly thankful he doesn't play the Raiders every week as it would leave him with the vastly disappointing total of 2,272 rushing yards.

Jaguars 24 - Broncos 17
Broncos - They are who we thought they were.
Jaguars - See that? They didn't need Tim Tebow! Tyson Alualualualualualu had three times more sack yards than Tebow had rush yards.

Steelers 15 - Falcons 9
Falcons - One is almost left to wonder how many catches Tony G has had negated by penalties after his 1,000th was negated by a penalty. Immediately afterward we remember we don't care as he records his actual 1,000th catch.
Steelers - Defensive monsters as Polamalu's hair is too big for offensive players to run around and to thick and lusterous for them to run through.

Dolphins 15 - Bills 10
Bills - Only losing by 5 to the Dolphins has to be a sign that things aren't as bad as everyone believed them to be.
Dolphins - Only beating the Bills by 5 has to be a sign that things aren't as good as everyone believed them to be.

Patriots 38 - Bengals 24
Bengals - Wait. You mean Chad Eightfive and TO are NOT the greatest combination since peanut butter and jelly? I don't believe you!
Patriots - What is the NFL without Wes Welker being a human ball-catching machine, and Randy Moss whining? They were just doing their parts to ensure we all remember what the NFL season is truly about.

Buccaneers 17 - Browns 14
Browns - Browns fans disheartened after realizing that Jake Delhomme did NOT stay in Carolina, as previously believed while watching the Panthers game.
Bucs - Sometimes you want to believe an opening game win by a perceived bad team is a sign of a shocking season. Then you realize, it was just a 3 point win over the Browns at home.

Seahawks 31 - 49ers 6
49ers - Singletary thanked Coach Carroll for kicking their tails. Later plans to thank John York for firing him.
Seahawks - I really wanted to use the line "Somewhere Matt Millen was watching Mike Williams and saying 'Now you want to play, hunh?' " Then I found out someone beat me to it. Figures.

Cardinals 17 - Rams 13
Rams - Sam Bradford is going to be really good. Assuming he doesn't get killed, first.
Cardinals - Number of times the Cardinals scored: 3. Number of times the Cardinals lost fumbles: 4.

Packers 27 - Eagles 20
Eagles - Kevin Kolb enjoyed a nice five minute span where Eagle fans didn't boo their starting quarterback. Then things returned to normal.
Packers - They tried their hardest to give this game away, but just couldn't quite finish the job.

Redskins 13 - Cowboys 7
Cowboys - Scientists hypothesize that there are alternate universes where every possible alternate reality that could be, actually exists. I wonder if there's one in which Alex Barron commits no penalties? Probably not.
Redskins - In his post-game presser, McNabb expressed his disappointing debut performance on not being used to fans cheering him. "I promise to get back to my playing abilities, even if you refuse to boo me out of the stadium. It's simply going to take some adjusting to the difference in the noise type and level."

How I see tonight playing out
Jets - Hey, Rex. STFU
Ravens - Hey, Rex. Have some STFU.

Chiefs - Entirely new year! Same crappy team...
Chargers - Phillip Rivers learns life isn't as easy without a really good LT protecting your blind-side and a really big target to throw the ball to every other play.

Hope you enjoyed this week's!


  1. "Scientists hypothesize that there are alternate universes where every possible alternate reality that could be, actually exists. I wonder if there's one in which Alex Barron commits no penalties? Probably not."


  2. Raise your hand if you knew Josh Freeman has won 3 of his last 4 starts for the Bucs.

    [no one moves]



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