Monday, November 22, 2010

Minnesota rejoices!

It's about freakin' time. Brad Childress has been fired.

Minnesota has finally done what it should have done a couple years ago--released Brad Childress from the franchise.

I've never been a Chilly fan, mostly because of the self-centered way he's always dealt with other people around him. It became obvious years ago with the way he handled the release of Marcus Robinson, which caused the Vikings to put in place new policies to keep Chilly from going renegade again. Fittingly, it was this policy that ultimately caused the chaos during the Randy Moss termination debacle--Childress broke a policy that was enacted specifically because of his own actions.

Yes, the Vikings have improved during his tenure. They have also made significant personnel moves during this time that account for this improvement much more so than anything Chilly has done.

Leslie Frazier now gets his a chance to do his best Jason Garrett impersonation, by taking a team that completely underdelivered and finding a way to get them to show some professional pride even when the stakes are pretty much nonexistent. He's got 6 games to audition for the 2011 head coaching job--assuming there is a 2011 season at all, of course, thanks to the labor issues.

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  1. Interesting take by Peter King (and maybe others I haven't yet read) today about the strike making it likely that internal promotions are more likely than external hires.

    Frazier's been knocking on the front door of a HC position for a while now. I think the Vikes would be smart to bring him on as their guy longer term.

    And while the Vikings have definitely underachieved this year, and I don't particularly like Chilly either, I attribute their failures far more to the fact that Favre is now showing signs of what he really is. An over-the-hill gunslinger with reckless abandon and not enough talent remaining to overcome his tendencies to force the ball and make mistakes.

    Garrett was obviously going to succeed if he could get his guys to play for him. With Frazier, there's less question of if they'll play for him, and more question of if they can overcome the Mississippi Dongslinger's (phrase courtesy of Czaban) deficiency.


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