Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Statistical stupidity

The Grey Lady takes a moment to tell us this:

Manning Has Quietly Become Giants’ Most Frequent Fumbler

Seriously? This is worth a headline? Quarterbacks always lead their team and the league in fumbles. That's what happens when you handle the ball every single play.

To be fair,
that is mentioned in the body of the article:

Quarterbacks usually fumble more than other players. They handle the ball on every play. They are involved in dozens of ball transactions in a game, receiving a snap from center and handing or pitching it to a running back. And they fumble when they step back to throw, whether on a blind-side sack or when a defender knocks the ball away as the quarterback cocks his arm.
Quarterbacks dominate the list of career fumblers. The first nonquarterbacks on the list are Franco Harris and Tony Dorsett, tied for 20th, with 90 each.
So they do acknowledge the basic statistical truths of the situation. But I ask you, is that headline fair?

(I'm still a little irritated by the notion of Matt Millen arguing with Steve Young.)


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