Saturday, January 15, 2011

Before the Ravens-Steelers game

I just want to mention somewhere, that I think the Steelers are better than the Ravens. Not enormously, not by some wide margin. Just a little bit better: a little more powerful & violent on defense (Harrison & Woodley), a little more dynamic on offense (Rapistberger & Mike Wallace). Just a bit more likely to get a key sack & fumble, or a key catch & run. The Ravens are just a bit more likely to jump offside on 4th & 1, or throw it short on 3rd & 3.

But I also think the Ravens can beat them. Yes, in Heinz Field. These two teams are awfully close. By now you've heard all the stats: 5 of their last 7 games have been decided by a FG, the 6th was a 4-pt game, and the other was the 2008 AFC Championship game: a 2-pt game in the last 4 mins of the 4th quarter, before Pittsburgh returned a pick 6. Pittsburgh is better, but the margin is very thin, and the Ravens can beat them.

I dunno if this is a heart or head pick: but I have 19-16, Ravens.


  1. I hope a Ravens victory comes to pass, but I'm scared - scared of Mike Tomlin! We're going up against the Shaft of pro football! I'm going to join Brother Ray's prayer circle, see if that helps.

  2. I firmly believe that when someone combines a brave prediction with name-calling that they lack the courage of their convictions.


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