Friday, April 3, 2009

Waiting For Godot

Don't want to pile too much into the blog at once but I would be remiss if I didn't point out this post on the Scout Lions' message board. Probably the clearest, most succinct description of what it means to be a Lions fan. Sometimes the misery of the fan becomes the defining purpose of their existence. I don't know how I'd react if the Lions ever won a Super Bowl. I just don't know.

"Waiting for Godot" was a play by Samuel Becket produced in 1953. Its about 2 guys who are sitting on a park bench, trying to find ways to kill time, while waiting for a nysterious character nemed Godot, who never materializes. They both admit they wouldn't know him even if they saw him. So basically the whole experience is meaningless. Or is it??

Such is rooting for the Detroit Lions. Which for me began in 1962(11 YRS old) when they pulled a tremendous TG day upset 26-14 over GB. But GB finished the season a game better and won the Title game vs NYG 16-7. I swear we were better. And so it began. Hey we always won those "runner up games". That was 47 years ago.

The 2 characters in "Godot" only wasted 2 days. How much time to we spend waiting for events to occur that are beyond our control? Every so often I have been thrown a "bone". Circa 1970 many good draft picks had been stockpiled. Landry, Sanders, Farr, Barney, Walton, McCullough, Freitas, Hand, Naumoff, Weger, Vaughn, Taylor, Owens etc. It all culminated in a playoff loss to Dallas 5-0 when a pass to an open McCullogh bounced off his shoulder pad and was interecepted by Renfro with a minute to go. The only resulting playoff game for all that talent.


Now its brutal. 11 consecutive years of -40 degrees. What are we waiting for now? Sunshine? I'd say the Bear fans are probably feeling warm. Now I suppose Jay will become the new Brett. Maybe we won't beat him on the road for say....17 years!!! The Packers have Rodgers. The vikes Peterson. Who do you suppose we are going to beat on the road the next 10 years? Waiting for Godot. I'm not sure I would recognize him even if I saw him.


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