Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Enigmatic Seahawks

Just a brief note on a team I find somewhat interesting. I haven't watched more than highlight clips of the Seahawks yet, but I of course know this: Hasselbeck played in game 1 and 5, sat in 2-4, and the Seahawks won when he played and lost when he didn't.

But he can't be the only thing that makes a difference, right?

In games the Hawks have won, they've outscored their opponents 69-0. In games they've lost, they've been outscored 82-46. Now, I realize sample size has something big to do with it. Also, the Seahawks have faced a very different caliber of opponent in their losses than their wins.

However, that is an absolutely staggaring contrast. It will be interesting to see if the team stabilizes, or continues to play with such massive variance in their wins and losses. And frankly, if they stabilize, it will be interesting to which level of play they do.


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