Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wasn't he supposed to be a coaching genius?

You are the coach of a college football team. You're newly hired with expectations that you will make your team competitive once again. And you're starting to.

You're playing against one of the best teams in the country, in their house, and you're holding your own. Holding it so well, in fact, that you're down by only two with just under a minute left, driving for a win.

However, you're down by two because your kicker has two missed field goals. He missed a 47 yarder, and had a 43 yarder blocked. He did, however, hit the 27 yard FG earlier.

BAM! Your quarterback hits a pass in the middle of the field, down to the 27 yard line. There's around 40 seconds left, and you're set for a...

... A 44 yard FG.

So, with the time to play, and knowing you've had serious problems hitting a FG from the length you're currently sitting at, you decide your best option is to:

A) Drop back and try to hit a quick pass for another 7-10 yards and get into far more makable range. If you hit, run up to the line and spike it quickly to kick a 34-37 yard FG. Maybe even get it to a 30 yarder!

B) Run the ball up the middle, giving up getting any more yards, let the clock tick down to 6 seconds, spike it and try to kick the 44 yarder.

So, can anyone justify for me Lane Kiffin, with the chance to knock off the #1 Crimson Tide in Alabama, choosing option B?


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