Monday, October 19, 2009

I Naysay No More

I was one of the more vocal critics of the drama surrounding the first offseason of the Xanders/McDaniels era, and I was hardly in the minority predicting a bad season for this team.

No more.

I am all in on the Broncos. Their defense under Mike Nolan has executed a stunning turnaround since last season, despite wholesale roster butchery of the holdovers from Shanahan's last season. During tonight's broadcast they showed a statistic: on Philip Rivers' first 30 dropbacks he was pressured, hit or sacked on 21 of them. 70%!

I don't know what the final tally was, but considering they forced two Rivers fumbles and at least one more blow to his gullet on the Chargers' final drive I don't think that percentage went down much.

Some of the credit can go to the disarray of the Charger offensive line, particularly the interior which merely waves at incoming rushers, but any team that can get to the quarterback better than half the time he drops back isn't going to lose many games.

Off to grab a six pack of Orange Crush.


  1. I am amazed. Actually, I'm in disbelief: I haven't really processed it yet. I'm still in the phase where each week I go, "Ok *now* we will see them put in their place!" Then they win again, and I go "Well sure, San Diego with all their injuries was vulnerable. But NEXT week -- !"

  2. You're right about next week though. They're guaranteed not to win.


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