Monday, August 2, 2010

Albert Haynesworth Is A Gol Dang Genius

Well, maybe he isn't a genius, but geniuses around the NFL should have their ears perked up at the current events in DC.

Okay, so all football fans are aware of the current impasse between Mike Shanahan and Albert Haynesworth. To recap, Haynesworth has to pass a conditioning test that (supposedly) all defensive linemen have to pass, however any who participated in the offseason program are exempted. So really, this is a test for Big Albert. Or at least maybe it is.

Wright also clarified why Haynesworth is the only player on the team that has to take the "test."

"It’s actually not a test for everybody on the team. The guys that were under 50 percent [participation in OTAs] were notified that they got to get over 50 percent, or there’s a test. I think Andre Carter was close, Rocky McIntosh was close, so we let them know. [Now], they’re over 50 percent. But our team is so high – we’re 90.4-percent [participation] as a team – so nobody was in danger of having to do a test," he said.

However, when asked whether this was then a "Haynesworth test," Wright said "No, it’s not a Haynesworth test. It’s a test for anybody under 50 percent attendance or less. He was the only guy."

In the same article DeAngelo Hall opined that offseason program participation or no, not many Redskins could have passed the test.

Ivan Carter, a former D-III football player and reporter for CNS Washington ran the drill and completed each component with about 5 seconds to spare.

I disagree with his opinion that if he could do it, Haynesworth should have no problem. Maybe that's true but one look at Carter shows a much different body than the one that Albert has to haul around.

Thing with Haynesworth though, is if he doesn't want to participate in training camp, all he has to do is not pass the test. Easy. He doesn't get fined, he doesn't get jailed, he won't be cut. He got stuck on the treadmill for a couple of days for less than an hour. That's it. For a #325 guy, that must beat 6 hours working out in 90 degree heat.

Apparently, Shanahan is trying to make an example out of Haynesworth but this whole thing is already blowing up in his face. I hope that the next time Haynesworth takes the test he does it with a hot dog in his hand.

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  1. The Redskins are right to be mad at Haynesworth, but it's time to move on. Asked if Haynesworth might be incapable of passing the drill, Shanahan said he didn't believe so. But asked if Haynesworth might eventually join practice -- even if he repeatedly fails the test -- instead of merely watching it from the sideline, Shanahan conceded it's "possible."

    It's time to turn possible into reality. This has become a major distraction in camp. Shanahan needs to wave Haynesworth onto the field.

    The longer this deadlock goes, the more Haynesworth starts looking like the victim, which is wrong since this is his fault for not coming to camp in shape. But some fans will begin viewing Shanahan as the overly tough taskmaster who's just piling on, especially if Haynesworth doesn't pass soon.

    And yes, sometimes you wonder if Haynesworth is getting what he wants -- under the coach's skin and out of practice. It's hard to say since Haynesworth's been silent.


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