Thursday, August 26, 2010

Numbers game

Sports Illustrated came out with a list of the best NFL player for each jersey number:

Best NFL Player by Jersey Number
Gallery 00-49
Gallery 50-59

They have Ray Lewis as their best #52, which sounds pretty reasonable to this Ravens fan. There's always a certain amount of current-player-bias in these things, and it's not like Ray-ray's not an all-time great bound for the Hall of Fame.

It's only when you think about other players Ray was chosen ahead of, that you realize what an incredible honor it is. Some other halfway-decent #52's:

Mike Webster.
Robert Brazile. (People make his case for the HoF here and here.)
Frank Gatski.

Ray's not automatic, at all.

1 comment:

  1. I'm not taking anyone over Darrell Green, sorry.

    Starr/Van Buren is a push. Alworth misses to one of the alltime greats, sadly. Ed Reed also.

    #36 is a close one. #60 is a push for sure.

    They still sell a ton of #17 jerseys. Really, a lot.

    People forget how great Kenny Easley was. Really superb player.

    50/51/56/92 are the easiest picks.

    'Mongo only pawn in game of life.'

    Munoz and Rice. You take Tim Brown, I"ll take Night Train.


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