Sunday, August 29, 2010

More On Quarterback Farming

As an adjunct to this

wonder if more teams don't consider becoming quarterback factories. It seems like it would be a very lucrative trade.

In recent years the Patriots developed Matt Cassel as a 7th round pick, got some excellent service out of him and then turned him into Patrick Chung. This a few years after they developed Tom Brady which allowed them to turn Drew Bledsoe into Ty Warren who has started the last 6 years at DE.

Atlanta drafted Matt Schaub and after a few years of outstanding service as a backup to Mike Vick, turned him into 2 2nd round picks, as well as a bump in the 1st round. While the players they acquired from those picks haven't worked out too well, this is still a tremendous bounty for a guy originally drafted in the 3rd round and a guy who never started.

we get this:
*It appears that the Packers have developed Matt Flynn into a commodity. At some point in the near future, maybe next offseason, they will be able to trade him for a decent draft pick. It would help his value if Flynn played well in a meaningful situation in the regular season. And head coach Mike McCarthy tells me he definitely has confidence that Flynn would play well if given the chance. He said the former seventh-round pick has total command of the Packers offense after just two years in Green Bay.

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  1. Perhaps. But there are huge sample size issues. But if you could do it --- highly valuable!



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