Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oh Albert!

Haynesworth is yet again making headlines, this time for allegedly sexually assaulting a waitress over the weekend. But this story just comes off as ridiculous.

The Washington Post states, “According to the police report, a waitress at the W Hotel stated that her hands were full as she cleared a table Haynesworth was sitting at around 1:30 a.m. Sunday.”

The report said Haynesworth, identified as Subject 1, tried to give the waitress his credit card and asked to place it in her blouse. The waitress nodded and Haynesworth placed the card in her blouse and began caressing her breast.

I'm sorry, what?

Now, I'm fully supportive of the idea that a woman wearing provocative clothing and flirting over drinks is really just asking to be raped. However, a woman that says essentially, "Yes, please put the money in my top," and then claims that she was touched inappropriately has to be looked at with a suspicious eye. I'm no Haynesworth fan (OBTW I was right ), but I've got to think it's nothing less than 50/50 that this woman is completely full of it.

Still, you can't help but wonder if this guy is worth any of the trouble. Even if he is totally innocent here, if the guy really asked if he could put the credit card in her blouse, is that someone you want? After all the trouble he's caused this year?

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  1. She has got to be kidding. Rly? "You can put your credit card *inside* my top" and then this? [Again, assuming he asked and she said yes.]


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