Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Denver's Drama Queen

What's the difference between RuPaul and Jay Cutler?

RuPaul has balls and doesn't whine like a b*tch.

So here's my rough understanding of this giant cluster-eff of a situation...
1) McDaniels gets hired to replace one of the last remaining Superbowl winning coaches.
2) McDaniels and/or the organization decides they want Cassel, and subsequently start considering to shop Cutler, but aren't decisive enough to pull the trigger on anything.
3) Cutler somehow gets wind of this and gets upset.
4) Pissing match ensues.

At this point, Cutler puts his house onto the market, his entire family puts theirs on, and now Cutler is flat demanding a trade.

A couple things strike me here...

First is how baby-ish Cutler is being. I understand the feeling of not being wanted. I also understand that can be problematic. What I don't get is making such a huge deal over it in front of the national media. He only hurts himself. While he can hurt his trade value a bit, he shouldn't hurt it that much by making it known he wants out. The problem is there are lots of people that would want a QB like him, so even if Denver doesn't have the ability to keep him, demand should still be created by several other teams that would want him. But what hurts his trade value is that he's acting like a whiny little baby, so teams won't pay as much for him as they would someone who handles the situation with maturity. This doesn't hurt him in the trade, but could easily hurt his contract value. So not only is it baby-ish, it's potentially really, really stupid.

Second is how Broncos owner Pat Bowlen must be crying in his beer right now about how terribly he's handled the team, and his newly appointed Coach McDaniels and GM Xanders have effed up this whole situation. He rid himself of a coach with a track record of success because the guy couldn't GM, rather than forcing him to relinquish that role (albeit we can't know he didn't offer that and Shanahan respond "I'd rather be fired"). Then he went and hired two completely green guys to come into the fold.

Patrick has made some interesting notes on the success of such combos, though I don't think the point has been completely researched. That will be a post for another time. But the point being that new, young coaches paired with new, young GMs don't typically make for a winning combo. Usually someone has massive faults stemming from at least being naive (if not simply being incompetent), which get exposed, subsequently exploited, and lead to usually one if not both being fired as soon as the honeymoon is over (2-3 years in most non-insane organizations). Interesting hypothesis worth testing later, but for now, the point remains that it should have been theorized that Bowlen was making a bad move at the time, and the indicators today seem to support such a theory.

And so their hand is now forced to look for a way to deal the spoiled little brat (who is also a solid if not potentially great QB) with no possible way of getting the one guy that could have made for a solid replacement. It leaves two interesting questions on the table...

1) Assuming they move him before the draft, what will they get for him?
2) What possible drama can Culter bestow upon us next?

As a side note, here is an interesting article on what McDaniels may have been thinking. The problem is, while it's okay to say "The Pats are super successful because they never pander to their stars, hence McDaniels shouldn't be faulted," reality is that's not exactly true. Does anyone here think Belichick wouldn't hang up on McDaniels if he called about the possibility of moving Cutler to New England? Sometimes you should pander a little bit to certain players, and it's not wrong to do that. All players shouldn't be treated as equals because in reality, all players are not equal.


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