Thursday, March 5, 2009

The F.U.T.O. Club expands its membership

At this rate, Owens is likely to have every fan of every NFL team become a charter member of the F.U.T.O. Club by 2021. Teams so far include (in chronological order):
- Cowboys (later removed from the fan club when he signed with them)
- 49ers
- Ravens
- Eagles
- Cowboys

An amusing timeline of T.O.'s shenanagins. For some reason it only goes through 2006, and I can't find a button to go to the second page...sorry 'bout that.

Also, Bodog has apparently been taking bets on where he'll land. The list:
Oakland Raiders 7/2
Washington Redskins 4/1
New York Jets 6/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 13/2
New England Patriots 13/2
Tennessee Titans 13/2
Miami Dolphins 8/1
Philadelphia Eagles 50/1
Field (any other team) 5/2

Why is it not surprising the Raiders and Redskins top the list? Oh, that would be because both teams seem to be ready to kill to get a big name receiver in the door, and both are run by men who are certifiably insane.

I'm reeeeeeally hoping he works his way into Washington. I'd love to create a tee-shirt with something around TO working his way through alienating the NFCE.

Plus I hate the Redskins...


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