Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ravens scorecard

A week ago I listed the Ravens free agent re-signing priorities:

Terrell Suggs – Franchised.
Jason Brown – Lost to Rams, replaced with Matt Birk, at a much cheaper price.
Ray Lewis – Re-signed!
Bart Scott?? – Lost to Jets; expendable with Ray-ray's return and Tavares Gooden draft last year.
Jim Leonhard – Lost to Jets; somewhat expendable with Landry's expected return and draft last year of 2 safeties.
Dawan Landry – Tendered, restricted free agent.
Brandon McKinney – Re-signed.

And the Ravens added Dominique Foxworth at corner for 4 yrs $27m.

Ozzie has had a great, great early free agency period. I could quibble, for example with getting 7 years older at center (3 years from now we'll rather we had Jason Brown, than Birk's expiring contract); but five days in, Ozzie's done a terrific job of putting these puzzle pieces together into a competitive roster. Should also be noticed that this is considered an excellent draft for centers; and one must also must consider the lower-profile players on the roster, that I haven't taken notice of, that Ozzie has also locked up: players like CB Evan Oglesby and WR Marcus Maxwell and whoever else he's taken care of that hasn't made headlines.

And the draft is still to come!


  1. Ozzie can keep that great offseason going, by not making an offer to Terrell Owens.

  2. There's a rumor that got floated that Ozzie talked with TO's agent and indicated that he was interested in TO, prompting the agent to push for TO's release, and after the release Ozzie has said "Um, nope."

    I don't buy that, cause you don't burn bridges with agents like that and expect to be successful. But it's still funny to think about.


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