Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stafford had a great workout

Did you see the news pieces about the Lions private workout of Stafford?

Stafford wows at private workout
Sources described Stafford's workout as flawless, stating it was significantly better than his March 19 pro-day workout... The Lions coaching staff put Stafford through a workout that included an assortment of passes and routes he will be required to complete in the NFL and which will be part of the Detroit offense in 2009. The draft's top quarterback was on point with all his throws throughout the session. He threw just about 40 passes and hit on all but three of them. ... the Detroit brass were very complimentary about Stafford's work today. The Lions praised his overall passing mechanics and the way he threw the ball. ... observers in Athens got the impression it was a "done deal" and the Lions will use the first pick to acquire Stafford.

The best take on that comes from one of the comments responding to a piece on the Football Outsiders site, about the possibility of the Broncos trading their QB. This from a reader named "Bowl Game Anomaly":

Football Outsiders Extra Points - Bowlen to trade QB - comment
I don't care if Stafford saved a baby from a burning building during his private workout.
The Lions would be idiots to draft Stafford if they have the option of trading for Cutler instead.

I agree.


  1. I agree with that too, but I don't know that it's necessarily an option. The question is whether or not the Broncos want anything that the Lions have, and indications seem to be that they have no interest in the #1 overall pick.

    I'm also not convinced that Cutler isn't hurting his stock a bit. He's acting more and more like a giant baby, and that's just got to make teams think "How much faith can I have in a kid that acts like this when the slightest little thing he doesn't like happens to him?"

    - C -

  2. I don't think Cutler is hurting his trade price at all. It isn't like he's a backup safety, the guy's a Pro Bowl quarterback. Eli and Elway both forced trades (under different circumstances) and caught a lot of similar flack only to turn out to be model NFL citizens and team leaders.

    But FWIW I would want nothing to do with Matt Stafford. The guy just reeks of "ordinary".

  3. Its interesting to speculate about the "sources" for the report on the private workout. Who is this info coming from? Who's going to say to reporters that Stafford was "flawless", that he was "on point with all his throws", that the #1 pick is a done deal?
    I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that the source is either Stafford's agent, who would obviously talk up their client, or the Lions brass, who might like to drum up demand for the #1 overall pick.

    I love the "baby from a burning building" line.


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