Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tickets, please!

Yesterday - for many Ravens fans at least - was one of the most exciting days of the off-season. Why? Because it was the day the season tickets arrived in the mail!

For me it's like getting a new toy. I love just looking at them, and looking at all the materials they send. It gets me pumped up about the season, knowing it's now right around the corner, and the prospect of being able to see the team live.

There's little I enjoy more than seeing a game live. Many people say "I'd much rather sit in the comfort of my own home. I can see everything that happens in the game, drink beers that don't cost me $7, watch in HD and flip around to other games during commercials." All good points, but to me, there's nothing more thrilling than being in the middle of an amped up crowd screaming their heads off. I love the energy. I feed off it and it pumps me up even more. For me, receiving the tickets in the mail brings a little piece of that back to me...the anticipation of it becomes palpable.


  1. I'm much more of a stay-at-home type. Sports are TV-spectator sports, for me. I get to maybe one game a year, or less. Weather and crowds are not something I look forward to. Also, going to a game is a big time investment. I live only 20mins from Ravens stadium: yet going to a game takes ~6 hours or so.

  2. Why that long? I live three hours from the stadium and it would only take me at most four hours to go from my garage to my seat. If I were in a rush, probably shorter than that.

    I just love the atmosphere. The air outside the stadium has a great buzz to it. The energy in the stadium is so exciting. When I retire, I'd like to move up to Baltimore just so I can go to all the games...


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