Wednesday, July 29, 2009

WR performance when a solid #1 leaves

Recently I had an article published on a fan-run Ravens website. In it I discussed specifically how the Ravens receivers are likely to fare without Mason, but I think this is applicable to any receivers that are not established as quality players when the team loses an established #1 receiver.

I'll edit to cross-post the actual text of the article later (maybe) when I have more time to build the PITA html tables, for now I'll just let you click through to read which is probably good for business for me anyway. I'll be writing somewhat regularly over there now, though mostly Ravens content.

Still, this brings up some interesting questions that I think could make future high content blog postings. I figure I would use this as sort of a dumping ground for follow-up ideas that can later be fleshed out here, and let anyone reading chime in on stuff they'd be interested in seeing, or favorites from the below list...

- How do solid WRs perform when moving to a new team? (Analysis on this is pulled and initial look is interesting, but not fleshed out yet.)
- How well is WR performance correlated to QB performance?
- How important is it for a good QB to have a good WR to increase their performance, and vice versa?
- How likely are good, young QBs to improve upon their performance when they lose their best receiver?

Patrick/Jim, feel free to edit this actual post to add in any new ideas...


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