Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chris Henry

With news that Bengals receiver Chris Henry is fighting for his life after a serious car accident, it's worth a brief call-out to the impact he's had on the Bengals. Palmer's numbers have taken a significant hit since his injury, with yards per game and per attempt down 30% and 12% respectively. He's a strong deep threat that likely will (or would have, depending on his recovery) never be thought of as one of the best receivers in the NFL, but clearly seems to make an impact for his team.

A troubled receiver coming out of WVU, he sort of represented the macro-culture of the Bengals. In and out of off-field troubles, gets cut, gets the owner to undermine his coach to bring him back, he was a caricature of the organization almost. But he also dedicated himself over the last year to turn his life around, and seemed to be doing so successfully.

Hopefully he pulls through and can come back and play.

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  1. Chris Henry reportedly passed away this morning. RIP


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