Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sundays have the buzz

I love NFL Sundays.

The air just feels different. It's a day that's blocked off in my house as "my" day. Sure, I help with chores in the morning. Sure I can keep an eye on the kids. Sure I eat lunch and dinner with the family and help put the kids to bed.

But from 1 PM till dinner, and after bedtime, I'm parked in front of the TV, watching games in HD and often watching as many as eight games at a time. I sit with my computer open, a game on the Direct TV app, Chrome open to my fantasy football teams and's scores page, Ravens jersey (or Niners jersey, when the Ravens don't play) on and remote in hand.

It's the day before Monday, but during football season, it's the day I look forward to most in the week.

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  1. And weeks like this are why I love it. The Superfan package is great cause I got to watch all but the Jags game. So I got to see, in no particular order:

    - Miami's big defensive stand to pick off Brady and win by one.
    - The hugely back-and-forth Steelers/Raiders game, including a 90ish yard game winning drive by Bruce Gradwhoawhatsitski.
    - Drew Brees manage an amazing come-back TD drive after the Suisham missed 23 yard FG.

    Just a great week in the NFL!


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