Sunday, December 6, 2009

Patrick is really smart

That, or he has a crystal ball. Either way, his foresight is extremely impressive.

The Pats have lost three of their last four, and look like a team lacking leadership on defense. It's not particularly difficult to figure out why, coming off an off-season where they lost Bruschi, Harrison and Seymour. Tom Brady isn't particularly struggling. But it's clear at this point that '07 was likely an offensive anomaly, and while offensively the Patriots are still extremely good, defensively they don't have the ability to hold teams down to separate themselves on the scoreboard. They now sit only a game in front of two teams, with some very complicated tie-breakers that at this point I'm not even certain of.

They have a relatively easy schedule, especially in comparison to Miami and the Jets. It's certainly feasible they win out, and even if they lose one more they should still win the division. But right now, they look like an also ran, not even as good as they were last year when they missed the playoffs at 11-5, and a serious threat to be one-and-done in the playoffs.


  1. I dunno, I still think my last comment on Patch's prior post is true. *Every* result this season, short of the Pats winning the SB, will make it look like Patch is right and this move was a mistake for New England. Oh, if only they had Seymour, they wouldn't have given up so many points today, or in the game that keeps them out of the playoffs, or the one that keeps them out of the conf championship game, or the SB, or whatever.

    That doesn't prove anything, though.

    If Belichick gets a top-10 pick out of this, and there's a new CBA in place in 2011 with a rookie pay scale, then that's enormously better for the organization than being on the hook for a big contract to a 32yo D-lineman.

    There's also the possibility that BB looked at his team coming out of training camp and decided this probably wasn't a championship season. I hesitate over this, because I can't imagine him conceding anything. But Brady was coming off the knee and the D was young. Maybe it makes sense to reallocate resources to a future season when Brady's knee is healed up and the D is rebuilt.

    Belichick could still come out of this looking like a genius. As I said before, if he stays around for another 5 yrs, we'll have opportunity to evaluate this move from different perspectives.


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