Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fox Sports Radio Sucks

Today was Steve Czaban's final morning show on Fox Sports Radio. I found this out, well, today, when a friend of mine, via Facebook, pointed me to the bottom of this article. Reportedly, there was a far less PC version of Czabe's blog post initially posted; but he deleted that and posted what I linked above instead. He also wrote this post today. Replacing him will be the ... well, let's call him "unequalled" ... Steven A Smith.

The purpose of this post was to more than throw a litany of links at's to gripe about how moronic Fox Sports Radio is, and generally rant for a bit.

First, a note to Czabe. (Yeah, I'm sending him a link to this, hopefully he actually reads it.) Thank you very much for making a positive impact in my sports life. I've been listening to the show from Richmond, VA (the 804) for over a year now, and it is the highlight of my day. Well, okay, the highlight of the part between when I leave my family in the morning to work and come home at night. But still! I got my wife listening, and we even bought a radio for our bathroom so we could listen while getting ready for work in the mornings. I've always come away at least entertained if not more intelligent, and truly appreciate the work you've done. You, Scott and Solly will be missed.

And with that, it's worth ranting about Fox Sports Radio for a moment because I'm pissed off and really have no other place to vent. It's bad enough they've let Czabe go. However, I don't understand what reasoning they could possibly have for it, nor can I understand their decision with whom to replace him.

Czabe has had his show for several years now, and I can't find any indication it was fading in popularity. One common theory I'm hearing around the interwebs is that FSR decided his show was too similar to Mike & Mike, and needed to go in a different direction. If that theory contains any truth, clearly whoever makes the decisions at FSR has never listened to Mike & Mike.

But talk about your 180 degree switches! Steven A Smith comes off to me as a shock-jock wannabe. Nicknamed "Screamin' A Smith" for good reason, he comes off to me, at least, as the ultimate fake persona. A guy who expresses his opinions as loudly and controvertially as possible to garner attention. Even the station he used to work at says that he's a ratings play...people listen, and they come back. Love him, hate him, doesn't matter, they come back.

Well, I won't be coming back. I'll be following Czabe out the door, and will find something else to fill my mornings instead.

If you'd like to write to Fox Sports - as I've already done - you can do so here through their site. You can also apparently take a survey which I haven't yet done, but look forward to filling out.


  1. I felt the same way when ESPN950 got ridy of Tony Bruno, an industry lifer who literally created the all-sports talk format with angelo Cataldi [who is not as good] at wip610 in Philly. An alltalk format they created almost 20 years ago, which is really insane when you think about it.

    Avoid SaS at all costs, of course.


  2. I agree Naj. Bruno was who I listened to prior to Czabe coming on the air. They had someone in between so I didn't listen to Czabe the whole time he was on here, but it wasn't sports talk.

    Now, I've got SASmith and a local guy who's almost as painful to listen to as SASmith (if you can believe that). Which means I'm either back onto non-sports talk in the mornings (blech), or have to get Sirius/XM (ka-ching)...


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