Sunday, January 24, 2010

Patrick/Chris chat the Jets game

Patrick and I chatted through the Colts/Jets game. I stripped out the non-football stuff and left the rest. Tried to edit out any bad language but my apologies if I missed any.

Patrick D (3:13:05 PM): great pass by Sanchez
Chris B (3:13:34 PM): Yeah, awesome play not fumbling.
Patrick D (3:16:14 PM): when did Shone Green become a superstar?
Chris B (3:16:42 PM): About four weeks ago, I know.
Chris B (3:17:49 PM): He sorta came out of nowhere.

[Feeley blows his first field goal attempt]

Patrick D (3:18:10 PM): oh, what an eff-up
Chris B (3:18:12 PM): WTF was that hook?
Patrick D (3:18:18 PM): that was huge
Chris B (3:18:24 PM): It's like a giant fan just caught it.
Patrick D (3:18:36 PM): it's like Nate Kaeding was kicking it
Chris B (3:18:59 PM): Yeah

[Jets keep blowing up Manning]

Patrick D (3:20:58 PM): geezus. does Indy have an offensive line?
Chris B (3:21:37 PM): I don't understand how they get to him and no one else can.
Patrick D (3:37:30 PM): I don't get those deep handoffs that the Colts run. I know they are looking for the receivers to drive the dbs back but against a team that is as blitz-happy as the Jets that is just a bad formula

Chris B (3:43:21 PM): I'm not sure the Jets can score on this team.

[Edwards 80 yard touchdown on the next play]

Patrick D (3:44:55 PM): I am
Chris B (3:45:00 PM): Well, nevermind.
Chris B (3:45:24 PM): Soon as that ball was in the air I said to myself "Well, if he catches it it's 6, but that's a big 'if'."
Patrick D (3:45:52 PM): Guess having a quarterback that completely sucked was Edwards' entire problem the last couple of years. It isn't like Sanchez is really all that good yet and Edwards is a new man
Chris B (3:46:12 PM): I dunno. He still drops a lot of balls.

Patrick D (4:03:49 PM): at this point can we give the Jets an A+ for their draft?
Chris B (4:04:03 PM): Yeah I'd say so.

[Brad Smith option pass to Clowney]

Patrick D (4:06:56 PM): interesting. do you run a bad play all season long so that you can turn it into a trick play in the AFC championship? or do you take a play that you've kept trying to run one way (that's never worked) and give it a twist for the AFC championship?

[Sanchez runs around and then throws a floater out of bounds]

Patrick D (4:07:56 PM): how is that not grounding?
Chris B (4:08:10 PM): Out of pocket I think.
Patrick D (4:08:13 PM): guess he did get outside
Chris B (4:08:20 PM): I didn't think that was gonna make the sideline.
Chris B (4:08:27 PM): Thought INT
Patrick D (4:08:43 PM): my immediate recollection was that he had run straight backward
Chris B (4:09:14 PM): Trying to figure out why they're not even trying to run the ball.

[Sanchez throws TD while getting buried]

Chris B (4:11:15 PM): wow
Patrick D (4:11:16 PM): Sanchez
Chris B (4:11:36 PM): Sanchize
Chris B (4:11:37 PM): lol
Chris B (4:11:52 PM): How the eff is this team doing this???
Patrick D (4:12:08 PM): Sanchez
Patrick D (4:12:20 PM): he went from below average to great today
Chris B (4:12:45 PM): Yeah, and the D is holding in the red zone remarkably well.
Patrick D (4:13:03 PM): no one doubted they'd have a great defense
Chris B (4:13:16 PM): I still can't believe and think the NFC team would crush the Jets...either one.
Patrick D (4:13:59 PM): no. no way. I think both teams can handle them though. they are both built perfectly to beat them
Patrick D (4:14:33 PM): Saints have the great defensive backs and the offense. Minnesota the great run defense and pass rush/favre/running game
Patrick D (4:15:49 PM): I mis-read what you wrote. I agree that the NFC team should have a pretty big edge
Chris B (4:16:19 PM): Jesus... WTF is going on here? I mean, I love it, I want this, but I didn't expect it at all.
Chris B (4:16:36 PM): How the hell are they getting this much penetration?
Patrick D (4:16:56 PM): it's the deep delayed draw again. I do not understand that call against the Jets. It makes no sense.
Chris B (4:22:48 PM): Wonder if the Colts regret sitting their starters yet.

[Indianapolis turns up the pressure and scores a couple of times]

Patrick D (4:27:47 PM): knew this was going to happen
Chris B (4:27:54 PM): Boy, they made that look easy.
Patrick D (4:28:27 PM): two huge plays on offense by the Jets but they need to be able to grind it out or they won't be able to hold off Indianapolis
Chris B (4:28:51 PM): Yeah
Patrick D (4:53:04 PM): Kaeding disease
Chris B (4:53:09 PM): lol
Chris B (4:53:15 PM): Though at least Feely made one.

[Manning throws the ball at Collie's back]

Patrick D (4:57:48 PM): I love how those guys just turn and the ball is in their hands. how do you defend that?
Chris B (4:58:39 PM): Not possible. I really can't wait till Manning retires. It's almost unfair.
Chris B (4:58:57 PM): At least you can defend against Brady.
Patrick D (4:59:21 PM): and Flacco.
But not Clayton.
Chris B (4:59:46 PM): Clayton = 2nd greatest player of all time.
Chris B (4:59:54 PM): Behind only Gaither.
Patrick D (5:00:18 PM): I'm sad that we didn't get Boller to Clayton for 10 years.
At least Gaither is actually pretty good
Chris B (5:00:46 PM): Yeah, true. Hopefully they let Clayton walk after this season.
Patrick D (5:01:11 PM): You can make the argument for giving Gaither a big contract. You can make the argument that he has a chance to be one of the best.
You can do no such thing with Clayton.
... and yet ...
[Colts score, up 10]
Chris B (5:05:03 PM): Yeah, gross. Jets prolly won't catch up, esp with Greene on the side.
I doubt Gaither gets a big deal. Like, $10MM big, I mean. It's possible he winds up being really good, but there's so much risk that he never gets better. I think you can't pay a guy to be J Gross/J Peters unless he shows that's clearly who he's gonna be.
Patrick D (5:06:29 PM): oh I don't disagree with your argument. I'm just saying that in the world of overhyped fanbois tripe Gaither is something of a superstar because he actually has played well and actually does have some potential to improve
Chris B (5:07:10 PM): Yeah, I definitely agree with that.
Patrick D (5:07:58 PM): thing is, if I'm the Ravens and if this winter is uncapped then I go ahead an sign Gaither to a "franchise" deal and just shove most of the money into the first year
Chris B (5:08:53 PM): Yeah although they have rules for salary escalators. I wonder how a guy would respond to a $20MM first year salary and no bonus...
Patrick D (5:10:28 PM): I don't think that'[s a good idea but you can give him a deal that gives him what you think he's worth (to give him incentive) and then a first year roster bonus. say $6M/yr for 7 years and a $18M roster bonus. that is very affordable
Chris B (5:11:04 PM): Yeah but in theory if the cap comes back it'll still hit the cap in the later years, right?
Patrick D (5:11:11 PM): not roster bonuses
Chris B (5:11:36 PM): I thought they do too.
Patrick D (5:11:48 PM): only signing bonuses are prorated
Chris B (5:11:54 PM): Thought they're spread among the years.
Patrick D (5:14:19 PM): not as far as I can tell. Only signing bonuses are prorated.
here's one article:
Chris B (5:16:04 PM): Yeah I'm just seeing some similar things myself.
Chris B (5:16:24 PM): Interesting, I didn't know that. Yeah, if that's the case, then definitely roster not signing bonus.
Patrick D (5:18:14 PM): Reporting bonuses are treated as signing bonuses if the contract is signed after the start of training camp. Roster bonuses are also considered signing bonuses if the contract was signed after the last preseason game. Finally, individually negotiated relocation bonuses are treated as a signing bonus.
Chris B (5:18:29 PM): Yeah I just saw that one too.
Patrick D (5:18:43 PM): that's the smoking gun (assuming it's correct)
Chris B (5:19:02 PM): It's the internet so it has to be correct.
Patrick D (5:19:02 PM): could (should) see a lot of that this winter. in the best interests of both the teams and the players
Chris B (5:19:27 PM): Yeah, I bet some teams will be stupid and not do it, but many will.
Patrick D (5:19:50 PM): basically every team can clear all the proration off of their books this winter if they want
Chris B (5:20:01 PM): Yep, and they should.
Chris B (5:20:09 PM): Well, maybe not "should..."
Chris B (5:20:15 PM): There's real money considerations.
Patrick D (5:20:43 PM): for a few teams. Buffalo.
Patrick D (5:20:53 PM): Jacksonville

[Balls start bouncing off Colt receivers]

Chris B (5:31:54 PM): Two almost mistakes...gotta take those balls away to beat this team I think.

[Collie catches a ball at the marker and retreats]

Patrick D (5:32:25 PM): thought Collie gave up the first down there
Patrick D (5:32:58 PM): ran like 2 yards back toward the line of scrimmage turning around
Chris B (5:33:36 PM): Yeah, thought the same thing with the Jets db looking like he was right there to make the tackle.
Chris B (5:34:02 PM): Jets just aren't good enough to hang with this team long term.
Patrick D (5:34:19 PM): nope. and their bag of tricks is empty
Chris B (5:34:31 PM): Yep
Chris B (5:35:01 PM): The D is good, but not good enough to keep that O from scoring 20-30 points, and their O isn't good enough I think.
Chris B (5:35:42 PM): Gonna take a miracle drive from a rookie, and it's gonna have to be a game ender cause if you give Manning even 50 seconds to get in FG range it's over.

[Sanchez throws his first pick]

Chris B (5:35:48 PM): Or nm it's over now...
Patrick D (5:35:58 PM): What's Eli doing there? Isn't he playing later?
Chris B (5:36:05 PM): lol
Patrick D (5:36:24 PM): He looked kind of pissed off that Indy scored
Chris B (5:36:43 PM): Tired of big bro overshadowing him.
Chris B (5:37:19 PM): Three good games and a miracle catch will define Eli's career. I thought that $98MM contract or whatever was a big mistake at the time.
Patrick D (5:37:23 PM): Daaaaaaaad. Why do we always have to have our family reunions at the AFC Championship game?
Patrick D (5:37:31 PM): no joke
Chris B (5:38:07 PM): lol
Patrick D (5:38:26 PM): Wonder how Cooper feels?
Patrick D (5:38:50 PM): His no-talent entitled little brother got a $100M contract.
Chris B (5:38:54 PM): He has health issues so it's not his fault at least.
Chris B (5:39:41 PM): But yeah, that's gotta be pretty humbling.
"Well, I'm worth nine figures less than both my brothers. Awesome."
Patrick D (5:40:56 PM): That's actually a pretty funny idea.
Peyton: so where's the family reunion this year.
Archie: How about the AFC Championship, eh son? Eh? (nudges Peyton with his elbow)
Eli: Dad, how about we do it at the NFC Championship this year?
Archie: LOL!
Chris B (5:41:28 PM): HA!
Chris B (5:42:25 PM): Cooper: Guys, how 'bout we have it at my house?
Peyton/Archie/Eli: HAhahahahahahaha!
Peyton: Dude, our cars don't even fit in your driveway!
Patrick D (5:43:55 PM): or:
Cooper: How about at my house?
Archie: Who the hell are you? Get away from my two sons, creep!
Chris B (5:44:11 PM): heh
Chris B (5:44:40 PM): Jets are gonna blitz 8 every play.
Chris B (5:45:13 PM): There's only one Revis in that db-field. I think Manning will score again.
Chris B (5:45:35 PM): Unless his receivers drop all his passes.
Patrick D (5:47:19 PM): The Jets are three Revises short today.
Chris B (5:47:22 PM): I like his vampire teeth mouth-guard.
Chris B (5:48:11 PM): The Indianapolis Mannings win this game by 17 or more points.
Patrick D (5:48:26 PM): I'll take the under
Chris B (5:49:24 PM): Obviously, but just thinking they're getting into the end zone again.
Chris B (5:49:47 PM): Here comes the nickle db
Chris B (5:50:08 PM): God Garcon is ridiculous. Anthony Gonzwho?
Patrick D (5:51:04 PM): thing is, he's just the guy who's open today.
Chris B (5:52:08 PM): Yeah, though he's looked great all year. I really wonder what they're gonna do with Gonzo this off-season.
Patrick D (5:52:44 PM): Gonzalez still under contract, isn't he?
Chris B (5:52:55 PM): I think so, but he's prolly got some trade value.
Patrick D (5:53:24 PM): oh they won't trade him. When do the Colts ever make trades?
Chris B (5:53:41 PM): I dunno. I was wondering if they'd move him for a 2nd or 3rd rounder.

[Colts drive inside the 10]

Chris B (5:54:41 PM): Why not go for it here on 4th and 1?
Chris B (5:54:49 PM): 3 points is almost worthless, 7 ends it.
Patrick D (5:55:36 PM): plus the benefit of field position if they don't get it
Chris B (5:55:46 PM): Yeah
Chris B (5:55:56 PM): I don't agree with kicking. This makes no sense to me.
Chris B (5:56:16 PM): If it's at the 25 or 30 I could understand, but trapping them this deep if they miss? Not worth it.
Chris B (5:57:15 PM): Prolly doesn't matter. That was almost a 5 minute drive.

[Colts field goal, Stover kicks one of those three-foot high line drive kickoffs]

Patrick D (5:57:53 PM): I don't know why teams don't just kick off like that every time
Patrick D (5:58:21 PM): that low line drive three bounce to the endzone thing. it never gets returned past the 30
Chris B (5:58:46 PM): I guess cause you're conceding the 30 yard line, but if you have a K that can't get it 5 deep into the end zone every time then yeah, seems to make sense.
Chris B (5:59:11 PM): How many TOs do the Jets have?
Patrick D (5:59:39 PM): not enough

[Chris' timing remains impeccable. The Jets instantly turn the ball over]

Chris B (5:59:49 PM): Game set match
Chris B (6:00:48 PM): The only good thing about the Jets losing is not have to listen to Ravens fans whine about how Rex took Sanchez and the Jets farther than Harbs took Flacco and the Ravens his first season.
Patrick D (6:00:51 PM): I put $10,000,000 on the under, btw
Chris B (6:01:18 PM): Talk to Eli. He's got that kinda cash sitting in his couch and deserves it less than me.
Patrick D (6:02:44 PM): I hate those complaints. Who TF cares. Two different teams/situations/everything.
Chris B (6:03:44 PM): Yeah, agree. We're just hearing a lot of second-guessing from Ravens fans though. "Why didn't we hire Rex?" "Is Sanchez better than Flacco?" "We should start Troy Smith!"
Patrick D (6:05:04 PM): It's the same thing with all the Stafford-backers getting all defensive and feeling they have something to prove WRT Sanchez. They drag down Sanchez constantly as if that somehow proves something about the quality of Stafford. The cognitive dissonance is staggering.
Chris B (6:05:53 PM): Well Sanchez is playing in the Conf Championship game and Stafford only won two games, so obviously Sanchez is WAAAAAY better LDO!!!
Patrick D (6:07:09 PM): It isn't even that I disagree with the arguments, it's more that the reasons that they are important to these people baffle me. How Sanchez did this year has no bearing on Stafford. How Sanchez does in his career also has no bearing on Stafford.
Chris B (6:08:21 PM): Could depend on the argument... "Value for the money" sorta thing...
Patrick D (6:08:49 PM): Lions were going to pay #1 money no matter what


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