Monday, October 11, 2010

The best post on the Randy Moss trade

Sorry, just one more. Here's Bill Simmons on the Randy Moss trade. (Simmons leads off with a quote from Jason Whitlock, shown here, and the rest is him.)

Randy Moss trade the right move
by Bill Simmons
'Moss is the unstable, super-hot girl you never marry.'
On the surface, it looked like the umpteenth example of Belichick putting the team's future ahead of one player. He consistently cuts ties with veterans a little too soon rather than a little too late. He stockpiles draft picks so relentlessly that you could do a "Hoarders" episode about him.
And in person – my Lord. Normally at football games, you watch the quarterback. At Patriots games, you watched Moss. ... The dude was breathtaking.


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