Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Tidbits

Jets 38 - Bills 14
Bills - Racing toward their version of the big game...what to do with the first pick in each round of the draft.
Jets - This game was so easy, even Shonn Greene got over 100 yards.

Browns 23 - Bengals 20
Bengals - A quote from Terrell Owens post-game presser: "I'd be pissed, but I had 220 yards and a touchdown! It don't matter if we win or lose the game, as long as I get my catches, it's all good!"
Browns - Perhaps now with a win and three close games vs. teams combined for 8-2 the media will start treating the Browns with a little respect. Nahhh.....

Ravens 17 - Steelers 14
Steelers - Roethlisberger relieved at a Steelers loss so Tomlin wouldn't be tempted to actually follow through on his threat to start someone else even when Ben came back.
Ravens - The city of Baltimore breaks their collective necks whirling 180 degrees from panic over Flacco becoming the next Kyle Boller to elation over Flacco becoming the next Peyton Manning. Stay tuned for the next neck breaking whirl!

Broncos 26 - Titans 20
Titans - Why bother winning a football game when you can clearly outplay an opponent but still score fewer points?
Broncos - NFL passing yardage leader Kyle Orton ... that's not a misprint ... has the Broncos off to their usual hot start, playing well above everyone's early season expectations at 2-2.

Packers 28 - Lions 26
Lions - Detroit fans excited about finally only almost losing instead of always just losing big.
Packers - It's getting tougher every week to find ways to lose games to bad teams. They almost pulled this one out, but then blew it at the last second by ramming Kuhn their final drive.

Falcons 16 - Niners 14
Niners - Clemens justifies his $80MM contract with an amazing game-sealing INT, then justifies his "horrendously overpaid" status with an amazing game-get-them-back-in-it fumble. But hey, that Taylor Mays is something else.
Falcons - Matty Ice was very cool throwing the late game INT before leading them down for the real come-back drive.

Saints 16 - Panthers 14
Panthers - Jimmy Clausen despondent after not throwing an INT for a full 60 minute game.
Saints - Saints have entered a contract with the NFL to ensure all games played this year are exciting and will not be decided by more than five points, preferably three or fewer.

Rams 20 - Seahawks 3
Seahawks - Hawks are buying into Pete Carroll's message at home, but not on the road.
Rams - Trailer voice-over for the next sci-fi fantasy movie: "In a world...where the Rams are tied for first in their division, and Mark Clayton touts top 15 receiving stats ..."

Jags 31 - Colts 28
Colts - Fans calling for Peyton Manning's head after leading the team to a start equivalent to the Rams and going 0-2 in the division.
Jags - Jack Del Rio mistakenly thinking that ugly victories count double and thinks he's headed to the playoffs as the only team currently with four wins.

Texans 31 - Raiders 24
Raiders - There's not really a whole lot to say here. They're still a mess.
Texans - Foster decides to protest the next time his team costs him a 200 rushing yard game by skipping more meetings this coming week.

Redskins 17 - Eagles 12
Eagles - It's a strange dynamic in which the Eagles fans cheer their division rival quarterback, and boo their own quarterback.
Redskins - McNabb has the typical game he used to have while playing for the Eagles where he plays both great and awful in the same 60 minute span and the team that isn't the Eagles wins.

Chargers 41 - Cardinals 10
Cardinals - Cards adding $100k to their offer to Warner to come back for every point they lose by. Warner to come back week 8 after becoming the first ever NFL player to receive a one year, $7.4 billion deal.
Chargers - Gates currently on pace to break all of Tony Gonzalez "all time" TE receiving records by week 12. Chargers on pace to look out of the playoff race until the week before they're mathematically eliminated, then go undefeated and sneak into the playoffs.

Giants 17 - Bears 3
Bears - Yep, they are who we thought they were. Their offensive line is really, really bad. And so is Jay Cutler.
Giants - Still elated from dominating a 3-0 team, the reality of it only being the Bears still hasn't set in.


  1. For once, you absolutely nailed the mindset of the typical Eagle game, and fan.



  2. That's sorta funny cause I never mean to nail anything for any fan base...


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