Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tom Brady is Super Important

Apparently Tom Brady is the most important man in the NFL. So much so, that the AP wrote this piece all about how pissed off James Harrison is that he can't play football anymore, the way he was taugh to play 20 years ago. Harrison apparently takes objection to the NFL not wanting him to hurt people.

And so it went for 15 paragraphs, about how much Harrison loves the game, and how much of an injustice it is that he can't play the game the way he knows, so maybe he'll just quit. Ahh, if only he didn't have to pay back a portion of that $20MM bonus he was given a year ago! Rats!

*poof* Injected at the bottom, just in case you care, are an extra two paragraphs that tell you Tom Brady's opinion on Harrison's decision to retire or not. Really?

Apparently, Brady hasn't yet had time to comment on Indi's liquored up kicker sequel yet.


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