Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Randy Moss might play 17 games

Moss just got traded to the Vikes this morning. Doug Farrar of FO writes that the trade fits in with New England's "organizational philosophy", which is the smartest thing I've read on New England's thinking behind the trade – everyone else thinks that it's a "head scratcher" why the Pats would make that move.

Rob Long pointed out on the radio this morning that Minnesota just had their bye week, so they have 13 games left on their schedule. Moss has played in 4 games this season with the Patriots.

That extra game isn't going to put him on pace to demolish any records – he was held without a catch against Miami on Monday night. But it's interesting. I wonder how many guys have played 17 games in a (regular) season?

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  1. Randy is #6 according to the WSJ...



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