Sunday, October 10, 2010

Why don't teams...

Something I've wondered a lot... Why don't teams that take a late lead, such that there's no time on the clock except what can be used to take a kick-off, just on-sides kick it, or basically do a long on-sides kick about 15-20 yards?

Real life example is the Bucs taking the late lead and the Bengals having one second to throw the ball around 20 times, and actually making it into Tampa territory before being stopped. Why doesn't the kicker just bounce it straight up in the air in an on-sides kick that basically gives the receiving team absolutely no room to work? Even if they just fall on it, I'd be comfortable enough letting them maybe have a shot at a hail mary if they even get a chance at that. But it'd keep anything stupid from happening on a kick-off...

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  1. Very common for teams to squib-kick in that situation. Better than a long kickoff that puts the ball in the hands of the oppponent's best returner; but doesn't leave them with the ultra-short field that a failed onside kick does.


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