Wednesday, January 7, 2009

BCS Championship and the #1 Ranking

On the hum-drum of my morning commutes to work, I really enjoy listening to Steve Czaban on our local Fox Sports radio station. I’m not sure if he’s national, but he’s based in DC and I believe he serves several markets outside of simply DC and Richmond. One of the many reasons I really enjoy the Czabe is because he’s never unwilling to do things such as mercilessly bash tonight’s national championship game, despite it being hosted by the guys signing his checks. It’s amusing to hear him talk about the worthless stupidity of the game, followed immediately by his wing-man doing a 10 second promo for the game.

Czaban’s gotten into the habit of specifically NOT referring to this game as the “National Championship,” as he puts it “because it’s not. It’s the BCS Championship, because it’s decided by the BCS guys, not on who’s actually best.” I actually feel like this is a terrific representation and wanted to throw that out here and at least propose that people start calling it the BCS Championship.

So anywho, tonight’s BCS Championship match-up pits Florida (Superman wears Tim Tebow pajamas) against Oklahoma (No one wears Sam Bradford pajamas) in what Oklahoma promises to be a blow-out. Personally I think they are probably going to be right, but in the wrong direction.

Now, with all the arguing over how the BCS really is “teh suck”, is there anyone that is willing to argue that Florida is not the best team in the country if they pound the snot out of Oklahoma tonight? This is in no way me arguing against a playoff system. And I get that USC and Utah both have a right to be pissed that they don’t get a shot at the crown. But reality is that if I’m watching what’s going on through the entire college season – and I did – there really is no question in my mind that Florida would win a playoff of say 8 or even 16 teams. At least (warning: content relevant to gamblers only), they’d win it far more often than any other team would.

However, I am 100% in favor of the AP poll sticking Utah in the #1 overall slot regardless of who wins tonight’s game or by how much. Let’s ignore the fact that they’re a Mountain West school. They did everything they’re supposed to do to win a National Championship. They went undefeated. They beat a solid BYU team. They beat a very good TCU team. And then they went and thumped Alabama, who up until a few weeks ago was the #1 team in the country.

You can’t even argue that they didn’t try to beef up their schedule, cause they opened the season by beating Michigan. Yeah yeah, it’s Michigan, who really fears them, right? But these games don’t get scheduled three months in advance…they’re scheduled a couple years in advance. Prior to this year, the Wolverines have been to a BCS bowl three of the last five years, and the two others were the respectable Outback and Capital One bowls.

I for one am hoping the AP steps up and recognizes this accomplishment as worthy of the #1 overall ranking in college football.

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  1. I would love the AP to have a different "national champion" than the BCS. Or a split, co-championship between Florida and Utah.

    I mean, to the extent that I care at all about D1's so called "championship".


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