Thursday, January 8, 2009

So it's Mangini in Cleveland

So reports the AP and the Browns own web site:

Mangini to Be Cleveland Browns Coach
Mangini is being represented by agent Ron Shapiro, who is Mangini's father-in-law. The 37-year-old Mangini began his NFL career as a ballboy with the Browns in 1994.

Browns, Mangini reach agreement
an agreement has been reached with Eric Mangini to become Head Coach of the team. ...
He joined the Jets as head coach after having spent the previous six seasons with the New England Patriots (2000-05). In the first five seasons there, he served as the defensive backs coach (2000-04) before being promoted to defensive coordinator in 2005. Mangini's first NFL coaching opportunity came in 1995 as a coaching assistant on Bill Belichick's staff in Cleveland. When the team moved to Baltimore, he was retained on the staff

The Brownies of course fired their coach AND their GM, so they're in the market for both. It would ordinarily seem odd that they would hire the coach first. But this seems like proof that they've decided on Ravens director of pro personnel George Kokinis. Mangini and Kokinis are known to be close friends. They worked together when Belichick was the boss in Cleveland. Kokinis has not actually interviewed with Cleveland; but there may be a bit of a nudge-wink agreement there. Mangini was only just hired, so any discussions he & Kokinis have had recently are just conversations between friends, not "interviews"; yet they may have come to an agreement.

Kokinis gets rave reviews in Baltimore, and is often mentioned as one of those potential GMs. So let's assume he's a good hire. Doesn't it seem odd though, to presumptively hire him without really interviewing him? And why the big crush on Mangini? Is he really a better choice than (say) Titans DC Jim Schwartz? I can see that after the struggle between Phil Savage & Romeo Crennel, the Browns ownership would want a GM & HC team that will work well in concert with each other. Good plan. But is that worth pulling the trigger so soon?

Did the Browns even meet the Rooney Rule requirements?

I mean, this will probably work out for the Browns. Both guys are good, or at least competent. But it seems a strange way to run it. By the way, the Ravens have said they would block any move by Kokinis, short of him having full authority over player personnel. He can't leave except for the Boss job.

So currently the coaching carousel stands here:

Team New Coach Formerly

San Francisco Mike Singletary Niners DC; Ravens LB coach
Cleveland Eric Mangini Jets HC; Pats DC, DB coach
St Louis - -
Oakland - -
Detroit - -
NY Jets - -
Denver - -


  1. I tend to think Mangini's a solid coach and was a victim of a moron GM that deserved to be fired far more than he did.

    However, he also strikes me as an incredibly average coach. The kind of guy who will get talented teams to play up to that talent, but not good enough to get untalented teams to overachieve.

    Cleveland needs a lot more help than Mangini...

  2. They might get it, if they snag Kokinis.


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