Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Media Day

Well, it’s Media Day for the Superbowl participants. Many of the more serious sports – and football, really – journalists refer to this as something closer to Circus Day.

Last year’s media day featured nearly 4,800 media members which included such oddities as 57 people from one outlet (Arizona Republic), an eight year old reporter, a reporter asking questions through a monkey puppet, and two marriage proposals (both by the same person, wearing a wedding dress of course). It’s somewhat amusing to me that many media members go out of their way to become the stories rather than report on them.

Media Day has grown annually for a while now. The interesting question will be whether it grows again this year, vs. if the economy is holding some folks back from being able to take that trip.

Next year, maybe we should try to get credentials and head to Miami to be part of the circus. I could wear a wedding dress and ask [fill in your favorite QB’s name here] to marry me.

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