Monday, January 12, 2009

Schatz Speaks

Aaron Schatz with a choice observation

The Titans got completely f***ed by the luck fairy tonight.


However, Tennessee outplayed Baltimore tonight. Unfortunately, their best offensive player was out for the second half. Rob Bironas missed a field goal that he normally makes. Four fumbles, and the only one the Titans recover is a muffed kickoff, which is rarely a turnover anyway. All those flags, and the officials miss a completely obvious one against Baltimore on their game-winning drive, the delay of game.

He overlooked the terrible choice that Flacco made throwing downfield to Clayton when he was not only bracketed but sandwiched by two defenders. The only business that pass had of being caught was by Finnegan. But of course the football gods smiled kindly on Joey Cool, smote Finnegan and Hope and allowed Clayton to make a key catch and run.

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  1. Who was it that said "I'd rather be lucky than good?"

    Oh yeah...everyone.


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