Thursday, January 15, 2009

Beat Your Man!

The Ravens website has a number of great video features every week. They always have the player and coach press conferences, both postgame and mid-week. And the Ravens produce some TV shows, which are shown locally during the week, and which the Ravens make available on the site: the John Harbaugh show, something called Purple Passion, and a great feature called "Behind the Bench".

Here's the main page for the Ravens video features: Ravens vids
I've been hitting this practically every day this amazing season: certainly 3 or 4 times a week.

I love-love-love the "Behind the Bench" feature. It's broken down by offense & defense, and it shows clips of the players and coaches talking to each other on the sideline during the game, reacting to plays etc. It's mixed in with game footage of the plays they're reacting to or whatever. Here's a link to this week's defensive one: Behind the Bench: Defense for Ravens-Titans

Here's a 20-second excerpt from that vid, Ray-ray exhorting the defense on the sidelines after a tough possession:

(Copyright Baltimore Ravens.)


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